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In May 2017 data, the 유흥알바 average hourly wage for nursing assistants and related personnel reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics was $13.72 per hour, or $28,540 per year. For example, a nurse aide with 1-4 years of service earns an average of $12 an hour, a nurse aide with 5-9 years of service earns an average of $14 an hour, and a nurse aide with 10-19 years of service earns about $15 per hour, depending on experience in hours. The highest-paid nursing assistants work for the federal government, earning an average of $18.43 an hour. According to the BLS, nurses working in government agencies earn slightly more than the national average ($3,750) as well as nurses working in other types of healthcare facilities such as hospitals; state, local and private sector, and higher than the industry’s average annual salary out $5,270.

The national median hourly wage for nurse assistants is $12.22 and the median hourly wage is $11.73. When it comes to average CNA wages, Alaska CNA pay has the highest hourly pay with an average wage of $16.40 per hour compared to the national average of $11.54. CNA wages in California, for example, average $15.93 an hour in San Francisco, while the average CNA wage in Los Angeles is $11.61 an hour. The CNA’s lowest hourly wage was in Louisiana, where the hourly rate was $11.68.

As an entry-level position, CNA jobs can pay employees hourly wages. While there are many CNA jobs available in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, higher-paying jobs may be available in more specialized facilities. Of course, the pay depends on the type of facility you work in, as a nursing home will likely pay more than a nursing home.

One of the most common nursing assistant jobs is in nursing homes, but it is one of the lowest paying jobs available to a CNA, with an average annual salary of $29,100. Although nursing facilities employ the most CNAs in the U.S., they pay some of the lowest salaries, averaging $31,000 per year. Salaries in Alaska are the highest in the U.S., at $42,500 per year; meanwhile, CNAs in Louisiana have the lowest, with an average salary of $24,300 per year. Alaska offers the highest certified nursing assistant salaries in the state, while Louisiana’s average CNA salary is just $24,300, making it the lowest salary in the state.

Since most states require less than 200 hours of training, the average salary of a CNA is lower than that of a registered nurse (RN). CNA starting salaries for those with more than 20 years of experience are typically 10% higher than the regional average. If you have 10 or more years of CNA experience, you can expect your base salary to increase by about 13.4%, starting at around $17 an hour.

The increase is consistent with the increase in the cost of living in general. CNA median wages are projected to rise by 19.81% over the next five years, with wages increasing by $6,350 to a total of $11,580 over the ten years from 2016 to 2022. CNA Those working in the private sector can expect to earn close to the national average and nearly $20,000 more in benefits. Public sector CNAs, such as those employed by the Veterans Administration, enjoy the best overall compensation package with competitive pay and a full range of benefits. CNAs are widely used in care settings to help patients with daily activities such as feeding, bathing, and dressing. The caregiver and CNA pay rate also increases when employees work overtime, weekends, evening shifts, or holidays, and additional training as a caregiver and CNA. If benefits are not an issue, CNA temporary hourly pay may be higher than the hourly equivalent for full-time workers. CNA salaries vary considerably, with the lowest paid professionals earning $22,750 per year and the highest earning an average of $42,110 per year.

While the median salary shows the average CNA salary level, the median salary often gives a clearer picture of the CNA’s earning potential. CNA annual wages were calculated by multiplying average hourly wages by 2080 hours or directly from survey data. The median hourly pay for a CNA in New Jersey is higher than the national average for the profession. The highest wages were usually in New Jersey’s largest city.

Community aged care facilities are the third-largest employer, paying an average of $12.84 an hour nationally. According to News & World, if you want to work at a hospital located at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, Iowa is a nationally recognized hospital system. Earnings for certified nursing assistants vary by state, below we’ve listed CNA hourly wages, average monthly and annual salaries, and compared CNA hourly wages by state. Below we list the earnings of all nurses for comparison.

CNA salaries in hospital settings are higher than the national average. CNAs in retirement communities and nursing homes care for residents with a range of needs. While many CNA positions do not require previous professional experience, beyond the required training hours set by the State Board of Nurses, if the nursing assistant has previous health care experience, such as being a candy peeler or in a hospital. , Local. Certified nursing assistants working full-time may be offered other benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off, however, many jobs in the industry are part-time and not all employers offer benefits.

When considering Long Branch as representative of the New Jersey median salary or the number in the center of the salary figures, Long Branch Nursing Assistant without a certification has a median annual salary of $29,376 compared to $31,439 for a certified CNA. With a 40-hour work week, this translates into a profit of $20,680 per year at the bottom of the scale and $38,630 at the top of the scale.